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" When People ask me what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes "


Karen is a passionate Photo Artist who believes that you have to feel what you see , as Ansel Adams once said: " You don't take a photo, You make it " .

Karen is an artist, photographing and documenting LIFE,

trying to portray optimism and hope through her images.


Her work is a tapestry of images and of life itself.

Her work was displayed in well-known  galleries worldwide.


Born in 1970, living in Israel.

Karen studied photography at the renowned Goldsmiths College -

University of London and at The School of  Visual Arts, New York. 

Her work was displayed in well-known New York galleries and in exhibitions

throughout the U.S., China, Berlin, India, Portugal, Israel and more.

She has published the book: Love & Other Bad Habits,  

which consists of texts and photos about women.

Karen’s inspirational work reflects her own hopeful consciousness and involvement with projects that promote social, political,

and environmental improvement.

Karen's photograph "Past & Future in our Hands" was launched as an official national commemorative postage stamp & poster to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance, by the Israel post philatelic service

and the Israel government ministry of information.

With her native country in turmoil and its people living in constant tension and conflict, Karen projects through her images, the optimism and beauty of her people, that shine through the darkness to bring light and hope to a country she loves and is very proud of.

All images are available in various formats upon request. 

©Karen Gillerman קארן גילרמן © 

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